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Glowing Autumn

Autumn Trio , originally uploaded by Ayala Moriel.

Autumn Aromas Coffret is a new collection of 8 minis especially curated for fall - to ease you into the cooler months with some cozy, fuzzy autumnal scents that evoke harvest, Halloween and the falling leaves in mossy forests. Naturally, this coffret has most of our chypre perfumes, whose mossy and undergrowth base notes are most befitting for fall.

Megumi for a contemplative stroll in a mossy zen garden; Rainforest for a brisk walk in the woods; Ayalitta for it's timeless chic; Black Licorice for Halloween trick-or-treating; Schizm and Vetiver Racinettes for the mushroom-scouting season with their notes of Cèpes; Espionage and Rebellius for reminiscence of burnt leaves and old books...And last but not least - Autumn perfume is a fruity-chypre that celebrates the harvest season with notes of ripe orchard fruit.

This collection is 25% the regular price and is a great way to experience a versatile collection of scents that are perfect for every occasion in the season. They are perfect for travel - together in their elegant box set, or separately in any pocket, purse or bag.

  • Discount PerfumesFall 2010Fragrance Wardrobe
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