• Kinmokusei Mentioned in Pivoines et Macarons
  • Fall 2010KinmokuseiOsmanthus

Kinmokusei Mentioned in Pivoines et Macarons

For the French speaking among you - here's a link to florist and garden designer Olga Campagnoli's article about osmanthus in her Pivoines et Macarons blog, which mentions Kinmokusei perfume right after Jean-Claude Elena's Osmanthe Yunnan!

Osmanthus is very much a fall flower: the fragrant osmanthus used in perfumery blooms just around this time of the year in Japan and China. And it has beautiful, golden-orange flowers too!

Now I'm off to burn some osmanthus incense my friend Noriko brought me from Japan...

  • Fall 2010KinmokuseiOsmanthus
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