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Sonoma County Inspirations

Bodega Bay, originally uploaded by Ayala Moriel.

My unexpectedly extended visit to Sonoma County did not make saying goodbye to that beautiful part of the world any easier… It’s the first time in the personal history of me, when I’m really sad to leave a place and go back home to Vancouver. My favourite part of travel used to be heading back home. I’m sure I’ll be happy in my home just the same. But I would have been happier to just stay right there, if it wasn’t for the fact that my life (family, friends and business) do not seem to fit too well in a carry-on suitcase.

Sonoma Sheep, originally uploaded by Ayala Moriel.

Sonoma county is beaming with beauty in and out. The people there are warm and friendly, and wine bottles grow everywhere… The valley is pretty much covered in vineyards and the sides of the road are laced with yellow blooming acacias, and white almond tree blossoms (or at least they look like almond trees...). Giant Californian oaks exchanged their leaves for a coat of silvery lichen and pale green moss, and redwoods stand tall like proud statues. The winding road to the north coast was breathtakingly beautiful. Shy sheep herd on the green hills (or nap in the middle of the road). Red-tailed hawks hover over, just waiting for the right opportunity to snatch a meal from below.

To say that the place is inspiring is an understatement. Taking in all the beauty is a bit overwhelming, and more often than never I find that inspiration, like a seed, needs some time to hibernate, soak some water and wait for the right temperatures and sunlight conditions before it begins sprouting. Shortcuts don’t seem to work. Yet my curiousity is getting the better part of me and I’m already beginning to nudge myself and see what else, besides these blogposts, will come out of my 1st (and hopefully not the last!) trip to Sonoma.

P.s. this year is already the complete opposite of 2010, and I am happily surprised!

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