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Midsummer's Night Dream Perfume

Tomorrow I'll be sending off samples of my perfume contribution to Midsummer's Night Dream perfume blogs event. It's been sitting and maturing for a whole month, which is pretty good... But all in all, I can't say I had enough time to bring the formula to perfection with this perfume, which is not unusual for these kinds of projects.

So, this morning, I had to revisit what I did on April 15th, and tweak it just a wee bit... It needed just a little bit more of bouquetting. And by adding no more than a single drop of a certain flower, I hope it achieved the roundness it needed, or at least closer to it. By doing this, I'm also killing another bird - which is demonstrating to my perfumery students this week what "bouquetting" is and how some notes have a transformative, harmonious effect on the perfume as a whole.

I've got 4 more days of teaching ahead of me, plus the incoming orders from my online spring event, so this will be a rather busy week! I'm not sure how much blogging I could get done this week, but I sure will try... I wish I could tell you more about the perfume I created, but I will have to wait another month for all the bloggers to try it and write about it, and I shouldn't be revealing the notes or anything else about its personality or how it smells, even though I'm itching to do so. We'll just have to wait for June!

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