• Summer School: Perfumery Lab 101 August 8-10
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Summer School: Perfumery Lab 101 August 8-10

Perfume Lab Session by Ayala Moriel
Perfume Lab Session, a photo by Ayala Moriel on Flickr.
Dates: August 8-10 (Monday through Wednesday)
This 3-day lab workshop focuses on giving students all the basic tools, skills and techniques for working in the lab.
This course is a prerequisite for all new students that are planning to study with me. It is also highly recommended for my existing students as well.

The skills and theory you will acquire in this week long course will enable you to work with ease and confidence in a lab/studio setting.

Topics covered:
- Physical and chemical characteristics of raw aromatics, and its implication on the perfumer's day-to-day work
- Recording skills and best practices when developing formulae
- Work ethics and best practices in a lab setting
- Using scale for measuring, tincturing and formula development
- How to follow a formula accurately and consistently
- How to write industry-standard formulae

Cost of course: introductory price of $600 (regular price will be $800), including materials.
New students who pass this week will be admitted into the Chypre fall course (September 19th-23rd, 2011).
Existing students will benefit greatly from this summer course, as all future classes will be taught using scale and this is a new technique for you.
Registration deadline for summer course: July 15th

Contact me for more details, or sign up online.
  • Natural Perfumery CourseStudy PerfumerySummer School
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