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My apologies for the stale state this blog has been in as of late. It is not nearly as attractive as stale madeleines, though I do assure you there is a lot to read here if you are not a regular here and visiting for the first time. There are wonderful articles about the building blocks of perfumery, fragrant recipes for sweet and savoury dishes and desserts that I have invented using aromatic herbs and sometimes also essential oils; there are perfume reviews, and journal entries that reveal some of my creative process of perfume design.

With that being said, I want to explain my relative quietness on SmellyBlog. Lack of posting could have many different reasons - but I can assure you it is neither lack of inspiration, shortage of topics to write about or materials to cover, or stories to tell. On the contrary. Life has taken over and my fall schedule has been filled with so many events I barely have time to catch my breath and have a chance to share it here with you. To make things short, I'll just say that since September, when I spent a whole week teaching perfumery to my students from all over the world (last serious post here), I'm back to school taking French classes, plus I've been busy cooking and baking up a storm for Monique's bridal showers, hosted a lovely Thanksgiving dinner (which took no less than 2 days to prepare...), attended Vancouver Eco Fashion Week, not to mention modeling in a fashion show for Two of Hearts clothing line and boutique on Main street. And there was the madness of Groupon, promoting the perfume making classes and workshops at my studio as well.

Last but not least, I'm working on the last details of my Zangvil perfume launch that will come out with a tea on 20.11.2011, during my Zangvil Tripe Launch Tea Party - so I can only be thankful that the only thing I need to do for the new chocolate bar is tasting it and making sure the graphic design is done on time, and lineup a photoshoot for the chocolate shortly after...

And as if this is not enough already - I'm working on a couple of private label perfume that I'm very excited about (and can't tell you about till 2012). But don't worry - there is also an unusual joint-blog-project that I will be able to tell you about next week. So you will get some more jus-y details on SmellyBlog very shortly!

Now, I have to go and sleep on a few things...
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