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  • ClarimondeDream PillowPerfume Review

Clarimonde's Dream Pillow Reviews

The Clarimonde's Dream Pillow that I created for the Clarimonde Project was reviewed yesterday in the 7th installation at Indie Perfumes blog, and also in Scent Less Sensibilities' enticing tale titled Dreaming Venetian.

It's been a great privilege to partake in this project alongside such talents as Dawn Spencer Hurwitz, Mandy Aftel, Deana Sidney, Alexis Karl and Maria McElroy.

I've made more sachets today, and will be sewing more pillows on demand as I make them all by hand. I can make only very few of them and for now they are only sold via my Facebook fanpage (click on the "Buy Now" tab on the left) and will be added to Etsy later in the week.
The perfume will be made available for sale later as well, I'm still working on label... It really deserves a different packaging than the rest of my creations.
  • ClarimondeDream PillowPerfume Review
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