• Last Day of Portobello West!
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Last Day of Portobello West!

Portobello West 2011

Today is the last day of Portobello West Fashion + Art Market for 2012.
This is also the very last time EVER that the entire line of Ayala Moriel Parfums will be offered anywhere outside of our studio on Haro street.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to experience all 50 original natural perfume creations by Ayala Moriel as well as shop with over 60 talented local artists and designers!

In 2012, I will be selling my entire line ONLY at the studio (which is open by appointment and for tea parties only).
Everything will still be offered on our online store, of course :-)

Portobello West 2011
P.s. For those of you asking "why" -
1) The obvious reason: Being a one woman show means that I need to carry my stuff back and forth with my two strong arms. Unfortunately, my back is not nearly as strong and it can use a break (so it doesn't break!). I'm all for traveling light :-)

2) After doing markets and trunk shows in various locations for nearly 5 years, I realized that the only place where people truly have the right atmosphere to experience my line is in a relaxed environment and with the full attention of a fragrance consultant. It's much more fun to meet people one-on-one at my studio over a cup of fragrant tea and share my stories unhurried, while seated down on my comfy chairs. Treat yourself to a visit at my studio, and you'll understand just exactly what I mean!
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