• Monkey Monday: Smell No Evil?
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Monkey Monday: Smell No Evil?

smell no Evil? by Polokampo
smell no Evil?, a photo by Polokampo on Flickr.

Although my federal-government lawyer friend is yet to forward me the Canadian federal government's policy on fragrance in the workplace -- I figured I'll dedicate today's post to workplace policies on wearing fragrances. A touchy subject, no doubt. So let's spill the beans on the current state of affairs in your own workplace. Are you allowed to wear fragrance? Are there any rules? Have you ever broken them (and have anyone actually noticed)?

I'm happy to share with you that I'm not allowed to wear any perfume whatsoever to work, in order to keep my nose unprejudiced, and my skin free and willing to absorb whatever I might need to test on myself on any given day... Haha. I know this is cheating. But you should know that being a perfumer is not all roses. Sometime it's also jasmines... Sorry! Couldn't help it!
But seriously - sometimes we can't just wear whatever we feel like in the morning. Which is not always easy, because I'm no skinny chef - I like to actually wear perfume for my own enjoyment...

Oh, and the giveaway for today: A 5ml decant of Sous la Vent (Guerlain) from my very own perfumista collection, snatched at their flagship boutique on Champs Elysees.

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