• Portobello West Spring 2012 Market this weekend!
  • Portobello WestSpring 2012

Portobello West Spring 2012 Market this weekend!

Portobello West is back with our 6th Spring Opener this weekend!

It is the first of 4 seasonal full-weekend fashion markets this year, all taking place at the Creekside Recreational Centre (1 Athletes Way in the scenic and brand-new Olympic Village neighbourhood in False Creek - just a few minutes walk from Main St. SkyTrain Station and about 15min walk from Olympic Village station on the Canada Line).

We're excited to have our own booth (rather than just a table) for the very first time, and have worked for months re-designing our display and making this weekend a memorable experience!
And, my booth is happily nestled between two of my favourite ladies - Creampuffs by GG and Sofia Clothing!

For those of you who've never been to the market - it's been a monthly art and fashion market for its first 5 years, and in this year it's will be held as 4 seasonal, longer and bigger events instead. You can find here anything your heart desires - and all made locally by artists and designers who call this their passion: clothes, accessories, leatherwork, jewellery, art, body & beauty products, pottery, floral designs - and perfumes by yours truly!

For my regular Portobellas who've been visiting the market monthly for the past 4 years, and have become accustomed to my full-range of products on display, be prepared that only select perfumes and products have been curated for this show, in order to accomodate the nature of the set-up and make your choices easier. So --- instead of all 50 fragrances, there will be only 8!

So if you're worried that I won't be bringing what you were hoping to shop for - please drop me a line and I will make sure that you get your perfume shopping needs covered.

  • Portobello WestSpring 2012
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