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The Dancer's Garden

The Dancer's Garden by rosiekernohan
The Dancer's Garden, a photo by rosiekernohan on Flickr.

This olfactory ballet starts off a little grassy and sharp, with palmarosa taking centre stage, and herbaceous greens of lime and sage crawling about like winding ivy.
Once the curtain reveals the second act, our Prima Ballerina shows her overwhelmingly rosy and feminine side, with Rose otto being the most dominant note. Ambrette seed bridges between the initial herbaceous notes and the wine-like and fermented fruit qualities of the rose.

The scent has a very good projection. Overtime, the rose deepens, and becomes darker and more wine-like. This is no innocent and prim tutu-wearing girl, it’s a Prima Donna that demands your full attention. And pure natural rose certainly deserves it.

  • Perfume ReviewPrima BallerinaStrange Invisible Perfumes
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