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Lyric Rain

Ahh, in places like LA and Tel Aviv, rain has a romantic air about it… Connotation of mystery, beauty and even its scent is something to look forward to. Needless to say, in rain-soaked cities like Vancouver, Portland and Seattle – it’s the sun we’re after, and the most sunful, even if dreadfully dry, is most desirable and gets those dreamy looks of mention from its inhabitants. Tell a Vancouverite that you’re going away to a desert island, and they’ll get all envious and dreamy-eyed. Tell someone in Tel Aviv or Los Angeles that the weather forecast is “chances of rain” and you can immediately start seeing them planning which sweater to wear, what hot beverage they’ll be sharing with their imaginary date, and of course – a perfume to go with it.

Lyric Rain is what would bloom in an LA garden after a brief period of showers. Hibiscus, bougenvilia and perhaps a night blooming jasmine or two. It hints at the tropical, but without actually being in the tropics. It sings of balmy nights and longing for a few raindrops to make the grass a little greener.

Beginning with soft-focused lavender and hints of sweet orange and pepper, Lyric Rain has that nostalgic air about it of spending the day at home reading books, gazing at the raindrops distort the window-view, and listening to melancholy music while sifting through old photographs and stamp-albums with your house cat. Jasmine and pink lotus purr throughout the perfume while laying on a velvet cushion of plush patchouli, walking a fine line between exotic orientalism and hippie nostalgia.

Top notes: Lavender, Pink Pepper
Heart notes: Blue Lotus, Jasmine
Base notes: Patchouli
  • Lyric RainPerfume ReviewStrange Invisible Perfumes
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