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Now Smell This Reviews Etrog

"A must-smell for serious citrus lovers (...)"

Robin of Now Smell This reviews Etrog Oy de Cologne:

"It starts as a gloriously zesty honeyed citrus, and slowly turns greener and woodier, and takes on an almost herbal cast. What starts as a hint of light and airy incense in the early stages develops into a rich resinous base which lingers for hours, and the citrus lingers on for much of that time as well(...) this is what I’d like my pillow to smell like, all summer long".

The discussion among NST's readers is interesting as well - the inevitable issue of price came up, and Robin's response reflects the shift that's happening among perfume and fragrance consumers: they are becoming more interested in handcrafted products, which not only allows them to connect more personally with their creator - but also seems like a better use for their money.

"...must say that *if* I’m going to pay more, I mind much less when it’s for an indie product where the perfumer is doing their own tincturing and what not. At least you’re paying for something that matters instead of advertising & so on and so forth..."
  • EtrogMediaMedia ClipNow Smell ThisPerfume Review
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