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Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day by ankakay
Happy Canada Day, a photo by ankakay on Flickr.

Hope you all had a happy and wonderful Canada Day!

And sending a far-away shout-out to the other Canadian perfumers scattered around the country and the globe, some of them I am lucky to know in person and be friends with. Ineke Ruhland (Ineke), Jessica Buchanan (1000Flowers), Isabelle Michaud, Susanne Lang and Claude Andre Hebert.

It's been what we consider a "nice weather day" in Vancouver - aka not rainy. Overcast mostly, which only encouraged wearing Immortelle l'Amour (a rather wintery scent otherwise, which resembles maple taffy...) and baking mapley things (maple & hazelnut granola, anyone?); but the sun finally decided to grace us at the end of the day so we went for a picnic on the beach with watermelon and feta cheese to match the colours of the Canadian flag.

And since tomorrow is going to be a holiday too for many Canadians, let's begin the Monkey Monday giveaway tonight:
If you're not Canadian, share with us your favourite Canadian perfume; and if you live in Canada or ever visited here - I would love to hear from you what scents (natural or otherwise) represent Canada to you.

Among the readers who leave a comment, I'll be giving away a little whiff of the Pacific forests and Stanley Park in particular: a mini bottle of Rainforest.

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