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Eventful Week!

Golden Gate Bridge by Salim Virji
Golden Gate Bridge, a photo by Salim Virji on Flickr.

It's been quite an eventful week in San Francisco and I have just returned last night, and still have a lot to catch up with (uploading photos to Flickr being one of them). I have more to tell you than I have air in my lungs at the moment - so much happened, so many wonderful, creative and generous people I met, so many perfumes to be smelled and beautiful plants along the way... I feel as if I haven't only traveled whatever miles it required from Vancouver to San Francisco to Oakland's Artemisia (who generously hosted me), Berkeley's botanical gardens and incense ceremonies, Ineke's studio (and flower garden!), and than back there again for a weekend full of the Artisan Fragrance Salon's events. And after all this, I even managed to squeeze in a day in Sonoma and visit Sonoma Scent Studio and Eden Botanicals. But if I start telling you now, I will never get any sleep.

Good night and see you all tomorrow :-)
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