• Longing for Summer
  • Longing for Summer 2012

Longing for Summer

The past couple of summer has been a joke (a very sad joke, actually...), and this summer is no exception. I could count the sunny days on my fingers and maybe some toes. So with that longing for summer, I'm going to be reviewing some perfumes that have the word "summer" in them this way or another. And as it turns out - there is no shortage of them!
Parfum d'Ete (Kenzo), eau d'Ete, Rose d'Ete, Summer by Kenzo, Ete en Douce, and than of course I'm going to throw a few others in that just smells like what summer is supposed to be. And if you have any summer favourites or recommendations, I'm all ears!
  • Longing for Summer 2012
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