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Patchouli Antique

Les Nereides' Patchouli Antique was one of the very first niche perfumes I tried that were shamelessly patchouli-centred. I immediately fell for it's slightly "off" (as in rancid) note of aged patchouli and its Bohemian flare, reminiscent of dusty woolen paisley shawls.

The dustiness, woody-dry and pungent character gets accentuated yet balanced with diffusive musks that soften it a fair amount. And then comes vanilla - a warm-woody vanilla, that calms it all down and creates a smooth, warm yet not quite edible feel. It's never too sweet, and never too dry either. And that balance is the best part about Patchouli Antique.

If it wasn't for my encounter with Mazzolari's it would have likely remained my most favourite patchouli-single-note of them all. Ahh, the sorrows of comparison! When putting side by side supposedly similar scents (perfume composition or single notes) it may get very confusing - wither highlighting their differences to the point that you can't smell the patchouli anymore if it's more subdued than other; or a complete blur if they are all well too similar. Just a little warning...

Notes: Patchouli, Musk, Vanilla

  • Les NereidesPatchouliPatchouli AntiquePerfume Review
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