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Narcotic Flower

Beach Flower by Ayala Moriel
Beach Flower, a photo by Ayala Moriel on Flickr.

You know it's the peak of summer when this honeysuckle tree is in bloom behind the lifeguard station at Sunset Beach. It might not actually be honeysuckle, but it sure smells like it. And so does 1000Flowers' Narcotic Flowers: masterfully composed white floral that I was fortunate to receive as a gift from my dear friend, and its very creator - Jessica Buchanan. Our paths crossed again last summer during an extended trip of hers to the city of mountains and sea. And Narcotic Flower was the only comforting thing I had at a time when my heart was literally smashing to pieces.

Normally, this would keep me away from a perfume (who wants to experience that again?) but since my heart is probably still smashed to pieces (which I keep searching for in the gritty sands of Sunset Beach) - it still has the comforting effect on me: a shining star in the heavy water; a bright flower atop a bed of dark soil.

Narcotic Flower is the first all-natural perfume in 1000Flowers stellar collection of artisan, hand-crafted perfumes. It only became last December; so I was not allowed to talk about it then. Which might be a good thing, because it gave me a little extra time to experience it and crystallize my impressions into words...

Narcotic Flowers begins a little peachy, with natural aldehyde C-14 and white magnolia. It quickly becomes apparent that it's all about indole: a very sheer, floral interpretation of the subject, where jasmine takes centre stage but is adorned by fruity accents from the abovementioned elements; as well others that are very seamlessly blended (rose, osmanthus, tuberose and narcissus).

Narcotic Flower very slowly dissipates, retaining its very floral and vibrant qualities to the end. And somewhere along the way you will notice its very underlining sensuality of dusky patchouli, radiating a salty warmth, alongside musky opoponax resin (which Jessica tinctures herself). The Atlas cedar, vanilla and labdanum are mere accents, adding complexity - it never really gets all ambery and resinous or thick. It's really mostly about patchouli and indole - yet without ever smelling in the least dirty. Patchouli and indole with hints of fruits and flowers - how you *wish* that all the fruitchoulis were (if someone was to pay any attention to balance and subtlety instead of churning up obnoxious blockbusters). A prime example of how patchouli and flowers can work together without being in the least vulgar or cliche. To me it's the perfect beach scent.

  • 1000FLOWERSJessica September BuchananNarcotic Flower
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