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Bowen Island

White on Bowen Island
Bowen Island is only a few miles away from downtown Vancouver. Yet, somehow, I only visited it once in all my time here. Today was the perfect timing to come back there - and visit Wren Boutique, which carries my line for about 2 years now.
Follow the signs...
Getting off the ferry after only 20 minutes sail, I followed the signs leading to a shortcut trail to Artisan Square - the island's unique shopping destination where you can find art galleries, yoga studios, chocolate cafe and artisanal ateliers.
Inside WREN Boutique
Wren is a contemporary, eco-minded boutique that curates Canadian fashion, accessories and beauty lines - practically every island girl's dream, but also what visitors to the island from around the world would enjoy: local, sustainable, innovative designs in a chic and beautiful settings.

Erin Norgan, the owner, has art background, which shows in every nook and cranny of the shop: it's laid out in a simple, natural, contemporary style: inviting and harmonious, full of things to discover and marvel at without any clutter; yet not at all cold, pretentious or intimidating. Quite refreshing after all the hipster shopping destinations that dot Vancouver to no end. I loved how she uses reversed canvas frame as trays for the perfumes, or to frame articles she wants to highlight (bikinis, anyone?).

The trio of fragrances curated by Wren was to appeal first of all to Erin herself; but also to the locals who would appreciate a staple all-natural fragrance; as well as tourists that hail from everywhere to Artisan Square and want a truly West Coast scent to take home as a lingering souvenir:
Sabotage, a fresh, everyday unisex scent that is soapy-clean with hints of tobacco leaf; Tamya, a lovable fruity floral that can be taken from day to evening with a deliciously cheerful attitude; and Finjan, a spicy coffee scent that is more suitable for evening and special occasions (or instead of an espresso, for that matter...).

If you are ever in Vancouver area, a visit to Bowen Island is a must - it's fun to get away from the city's constant buzz and experiencing a sweet and short ferry ride is better than non at all - it's such a huge part of the life here by the water that you got to try it at least once. You can easily spend a day there on foot - there are trails, waterfront, kayaking, restaurants and even a public library if you need to stop and gather your thoughts...
  • Bowen IslandCanadian FashionSustainable FashionWren Boutique
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