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Halloween Giveaway Winner Announcement

Hope you all had a fantastic Halloween!

Thank you for everyone who commented and participated in this week's Halloween giveaway of Immortal Mine perfume by House of Cherry Bomb. The perfumers are both New York based and have their hands full with the hurricane aftermath. I hope that just by posting this it will help send some easing energies to them, as I know it's very tough there. And I also know that at these times everyone who is capable jumps to the task of helping those who were affected more badly. And it's heart warming to know that when needed, people find this positive power within themselves, which I always find inspiring and encouraging in light of all the negative stuff we usually hear about in the news.

Now you're probably all curious to hear who's going to receive the Immortal Mine perfume?
Well, as it turns out, the gods and goddesses of randomness have picked LCT. So, please contact me with your snailmail addy so that I can send it your way - weather permitting!

Stay safe, warm and dry - wherever you are.
  • Alexis KarlGiveawayHouse of Cherry BombImmortal MineMaria McElroy
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