• Perfume Documentary on BBC

Perfume Documentary on BBC

When I was visiting Trish from ScentHive, she pointed out to me this must-watch 2hr perfume documentary on BBC that you can watch online - divided conveniently into 8 parts. I just completed watching the entire series, and it's very insightful and revealing.

It shows many faces of the current world of Western perfumery - beginning with the LOUD perfume launch from Tommy Hilfiger - a very mainstream process (and I didn't even know this scent existed - did it even launch in Canada?); Givaudon perfume school in Paris, which trains the next generation of corporate perfumers - and in contrast Jean-Claude Elena, who is the confined yet wild-and-free architect of all of Hermes' contemporary fragrances. Christopher Brosius' quirky and eccentric  personality hunts everyday fragrances which he composes into his anti-perfume ready-to-wear bespoke creations, ranging from old books, tomato leaves and the scent of an English pub.

These were 2 hours well spent :-)

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