• Musk Malabi Reviewed by CaFleureBon

Musk Malabi Reviewed by CaFleureBon

Visit CaFleureBon to read John Reasinger's review of Musk Malabi:
"Musk Malabi develops gracefully while weaving an enchanting lingering vapor of  translucent botanical musk throughout. I am reminded of  of that giddy feeling of  meeting and falling head-over-heels in love. Memories of languid walks hand-in-hand past blooming roses and late evening trysts under flowering fruit trees bring a blush to the cheek and a sigh to the heart. Much like a summer romance, this creamy musk confection seems to fade but reappears when you least expect it and most need it. Musk Malabi hovers on the edge of gourmand and is perfect for warm weather". 

A proof that men are beginning to enjoy florals again, yay!
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