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It is the most primordial sense.
The first sense developed through evolution, directly connected to our deepest subconscious mind.
Since our first breath of life, we experience the world through our nose.
The sense of smell is subtle yet powerful, wired directly into our limbic brain.
Eternally bound to emotion and memory, scent has the power to unlock those ineffable feelings.

Welcome to the world of perfumel!

Awaken your senses and discover mindfulness, expression and connectedness through perfume. Explore your innermost emotions, connect with mankind's ancient histroy, and embrace the beauty of nature in everday life.
Ayala Moriel Parfums creates beautiful and inspiring Natural Perfumes that are world-renonwn for their artistry, story-telling and integrity.

Choose from our line of Ready-To-Wear fragrances, as well as Bespoke Services, in which you can be an active participant in the creation of your own Signature Perfume.

Browse our online boutique, or call us for a personalized fragrance consultation at (778) 863-0806. 


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