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New Orleans

With a floral intensity that is spirited and uplifting, New Orleans lives on. Constantly underlined by the depth of water and its people’s longing for what they’ve lost in the storm. Swamps, melancholy and musty, and the primordial ocean with its salty breath gives life and consumes it simultaneously. Yet the spirit endures like elegant cypress tree, spreads her arms with love like a mossy oak, its fragrance reaches beyond imagination. Celebrating New Orleans as it were – to represent the beautiful fragrant moments the city experienced, as the memory of one woman who loved it and fled from it. And among all these – the enduring human spirit, cherishes life and justice, power and faith. Fertile, rich soil that can grow these intense blossoms. Launched on Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras) - March 8th, 2011

Famlies: Aquatic-Marine-Oceanic , Chypre Floral, Woody

Notes: Amber, Ambergris, Vetiver Haiti Tea Rose, Meyer Lemon, Mandarin Murcott Cedarmoss, Cypress, Osmanthus Rosemary, Seaweed, Vetiver, Grapefruit, White Magnolia,

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1 x Sample
1ml Eau de Parfum Sample


Mini - Liquid Poetry Collection
Adorable mini eau de parfum splash bottle that looks like a gem and smells like heaven!


Eau de Parfum - Liquid Poetry Collection
Eau de Parfum in a Splash/Spray Bottle


Parfum Extrait - Liquid Poetry Collection
Ayala Moriel's Exclusive Limited Editions are only available directly from Ayala Moriel Parfums. These are made from exceptional and rare materials. We make these only for a limited time, until our stash of these rare oils run out.


12 x Liquid Poetry Deluxe Sample Set
Experience our entire Liquid Poetry collection! Sample Package of 12 vials of 1ml eau de parfum each.

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