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Bon Zai

Just like the miniature tree, Bon Zai is the essence of nature, with all of its simplicity, beauty and silent glory. Japanese woods and exotic herbs harmonize together to create this unusual and refreshing scent. Like a resilient evergreen tree, it survives all seasons and moods.

Famlies: Woody

Notes: Agarwood (Oud), Juniper Berry, Lemon Verbena Patchouli, Pine , Rose Otto (Bulgaria) Sandalwood, Shiso, Tangerine Vetiver, Virginia Cedarwood,

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Bon Zai Soap Bar
Our 4th soap is scented with our top-selling fragrance Bon Zai. Serene and pure notes of shiso, lemon verbena and rose notes, clean vetiver and woodsy cedar and sandalwood.


1 x Sample
1ml Eau de Parfum Sample


Bon Zai Travel Candle
Bon Zai candle in travel-tin. Fresh notes of shiso leaf, mandarin and juniper berry over top a sheer Japanese incense blend of sandalwood, cedar and patchouli.


Mini Eau de Parfum
Adorable mini Eau de Parfum splash bottle that looks like a gem and smells like heaven!


Parfum Oil Travel Roll-On
Perfect for travel, this compact 5ml roll-on bottle fits easily into any purse or pocket. Please note: Etrog, Film Noir, Roses et Chocolat and Sandal Ale are only available in alcohol base EDP. All other scents are in a base of organic jojoba oil.


Eau de Parfum
Eau de Parfum in a Splash/Spray Bottle


Mini Wardrobe Trio
Set of 3 mini splash bottles in a gift box.

$144.00 $129.60 (10% off)

Bento Box Coffret
To celebrate spring and Hanami season, we've launched a limited edition Bento Box Coffret - featuring 4 of our Japanese-inspired pure, natural perfumes.

$228.00 $193.80 (15% off)

8 x Sample Package
Sample Package of 8 vials of 1ml eau de parfum each.

$136.00 $59.00

15 x Sample Package
Discovery set of 15 sample vials of 1ml eau de parfum each.

$255.00 $130.00
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