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Vetiver Racinettes

Vetiver is the root of a tropical grass native to India, Indonesia and Java. It is known for its calming and cooling effect on both mind and body, and is considered “The Scent of Tranqulity” in India. Ruh Khus is wild vetiver from India distilled in traditional copper alembic. Its distinct earthy, copper-like aroma, married with the intense licorice sweetness of tarragon absolute creates a disctinctive aroma never to be explored before in the realm of the vetiver perfume genre. Vetiver Racinettes is at once earthy, sweet and cool like the aromatic roots and rootlets brewed to a bubbly rootbeer. Vetiver Racinettes brings earth’s duality: embracing and playful.

Famlies: Woody

Notes: Black Pepper, Vetiver Haiti, Vetiver Indonesia Vetiver Sri-Lanka, Vetiver Madagascar (Bourbon), Ruh Khus Attar Mitti, Kaffir Lime Leaf, Cardamom Cèpes, Coffee Absolute, Petitgrain Combrava, Spikenard, Tarragon (Estragon), Vetiver, Ginger, Nutmeg Absolute,

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Vetiver Racinettes Soap Bar
Get clean and fresh with our custom scented, handcrafted soap bars. Our first scent is Vetiver Racinettes (with vetiver, ginger, cardamom and coffee).


1 x Sample
1ml Eau de Parfum Sample


Vetiver Racinettes Travel Candle - Ltd. Edition Winter Holidays 2013
Vetiver Racinettes is the newest addition to Ayala Moriel's astounding candle collection. The essence of tranquility.


Mini Eau de Parfum
Adorable mini Eau de Parfum splash bottle that looks like a gem and smells like heaven!


Parfum Oil Travel Roll-On
Perfect for travel, this compact 5ml roll-on bottle fits easily into any purse or pocket. Please note: Etrog, Film Noir, Roses et Chocolat and Sandal Ale are only available in alcohol base EDP. All other scents are in a base of organic jojoba oil.


Eau de Parfum
Eau de Parfum in a Splash/Spray Bottle


Aphrodisiacs for Him Mini Trio
Your choice of 3 mini colognes from among our most sexy fragrances featuring natural aphrodisiac essential oils that will make you irresistible and ignite your passion and awaken desire in your lover.

$144.00 $122.40 (15% off)

Mini Wardrobe Trio
Set of 3 mini splash bottles in a gift box.

$144.00 $129.60 (10% off)

8 x Sample Package
Sample Package of 8 vials of 1ml eau de parfum each.

$136.00 $59.00

15 x Sample Package
Discovery set of 15 sample vials of 1ml eau de parfum each.

$255.00 $130.00
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