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Graceful bouquet consisting of equal amounts of Indian Jasmine and Turkish Rose Otto serenely rest on a woody base of oud and vetiver. Megumi invokes grace and serenity and is a simple, natural floral bouquet with a hint of Chypre and spice at the base.

Famlies: Chypre, Chypre Fruity, Chypre Woody

Notes: Agarwood (Oud), Allspice (Pimento Berry), Apricot Essence Jasmine Grandiflorum , Oakmoss, Red Mandarin Rose de Mai, Rose Otto (Turkey), Vetiver

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Megumi Anointing Body Oil
Megumi Anointing Body Oil with Vetiver & Jasmine, which contains Rice Bran Oil


Mini Eau de Parfum
Adorable mini Eau de Parfum splash bottle that looks like a gem and smells like heaven!


Parfum Oil Travel Roll-On
Perfect for travel, this compact 5ml roll-on bottle fits easily into any purse or pocket.


Eau de Parfum
Eau de Parfum in a Splash/Spray Bottle


Mini Wardrobe Trio
Set of 3 mini splash bottles in a gift box.

$144.00 $129.60 (10% off)

Bon Voyage Purse Roll-On Trio
Customized fragrance wardrobe of 3 different scents of your choice - offered at an attractive discount of $26 .

$207.00 $175.95 (15% off)

Bento Box Coffret
To celebrate spring and Hanami season, we've launched a limited edition Bento Box Coffret - featuring 4 of our Japanese-inspired pure, natural perfumes.

$228.00 $193.80 (15% off)

Winter 2014 Mini Coffret
Coffret of 8 fantastic winter scents to keep you warm and cozy!

$392.00 $294.00 (25% off)
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