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Spring News & Birthday Sale


Dear Fragrant Friends,

Happy Spring!

The year has barely began, and we're already on the move with many exciting events coming up: Portobello West Season Opener March 24-25. Also, we'reworking on new limited edition candles to be launched April 30th. But most importantly - this Friday, Ayala Moriel Parfums is celebrating it's 11th birthday!
To thank you for your business and supporting my vision throught these 11 years, you will receive 11% off and free shipping on all orders (leave the comment "Happy Birthday" when checking out, and I will send you a refund accordingly). This offer goes till March 27th at midnight!

In this newsletter:

  1. 11th Anniversary Sale!
  2. Portobello West Spring Opener March 24 & 25 
  3. Photos from Ayala's 3rd Annual Aphrodisiac Tea Party
  4. In The Media: Plaid Magazine, Georgia Straight, 24HRS & Beauty Huile 
  5. Made To Order: The Purest, Simplest Personalized Perfume Service Possible

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1. 11th Anniversay Sale - 11% off with Code
Happy Birthday"

This Friday we are celebrating 11 years of business, making the finest perfumes and custom scents, collaborating with other artists & designers, and having so much fun doing so!
When purchasing anything on our website, we'll be giving 11% off, with special "happy birthday code". How does this work? Simply leave the comment "Happy Birthday" in the "comments to seller" box, and we will send you a refund accordingly. In addition, shipping is free :-)
This offer goes till March 27th at midnight!

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2. Portobello West Spring Opener March 24 & 25 

Portobello West is back with our 6th Spring Opener this weekend!

It is the first of 4 seasonal full-weekend fashion markets this year, all taking place at the Creekside Recreational Centre (1 Atheletes Way in the scenic and brand-new Olympic Village neighbourhood in False Creek - just a few mintues walk from Main St. SkyTrain Station and about 15min walk from Olympic Village station on the Canada Line).

We're excited to have our own booth (rather than just a table) for the very first time, and have worked for months re-designing our display and making this weekend a memorable experience!
And, my booth is happily nestled between two of my favourite ladies - Creampuffs by GG and Sofia Clothing!

For those of you who've never been to the market - it's been a montly art and fashion market for its first 5 years, and in this year it's will be held as 4 seasonal, longer and bigger events insntead. You can find here anything your heart desires - and all made locally by artists and designers who call this their passion: clothes, accessories, leatherwork, jewellery, art, body & beauty products, pottery, floral designs - and perfumes by yours truly!

For my regular Portobellas who've been visiting the market monthly for the past 4 years, and have become accustomed to my full-range of products on display, be prepared that only select perfumes and products have been curated for this show, in order to accomodate the nature of the set-up and make your choices easier. So --- instead of all 50 fragrances, there will be only 8!

So if you're worried that I won't be bringing what you were hoping to shop for - please drop me a line and I will make sure that you get your perfume shopping needs covered. 

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3. Photos from Our 3rd Annual Aphrodisiac Tea Party


Our 3rd annual aphrodisiac tea party had a sensuous Moroccan menue, to accompany the classic Moroccan Mint Tea, as well as a custom-blended Darjeeling tea that I've scented with mimosa & myrrh especially for the occasion!
The full menue and more inspiring tales from the event are told on SmellyBlog.

For more visuals to feast your eyes upon - check out our Flickr album for more photos from our tea party - most of which were taken by a promising new photography talent - Miriam Kleingeltink. She also helped to build the beautiful mezze sandwiches! 

Our next tea party will be in the June, to launch our next new perfume.

4. In The Media: Plaid Magazine, Georgia Straight, 24HRS, Beauty Huile


We were so thrilled to start the 2012 knowing that our perfume Orcas (FiFi Indie Award Nominee) has made it to ScentHive's top 5 perfumes for 2011, as well as Perfume Pharmer's Niche Perfume Awards 2011. Orcas is also recommended by The Georgia Straight as a "Hot Valentine's gifts to make their hearts thump" - which is not surprising as it is packed with refreshing aphrodisiacs such as ginger and lime.  

Zangvil, our newest perfumes, was featured in Plaid Magazine's holiday fragrances - last minute gift ideas for her, and was chosen for LA Times' Best of 2011 List!!!

"Ayala Moriel Parfums Zangvil: As a fan of Moriel naturals, I can’t get enough of this subtle holiday skinscent that blends ginger-spiked amber and candied orange.

Picked by LA Time's Fragrance Columnist, renown author and perfumista Denise Hamilton (did you know that the heroine of her new book, Damage Control, is a perfumista as well? How cool is that!).
And - the article also recommends our custom perfume services - definitely the ultimate luxury!

Funky wedding flair for fashionable brides and grooms: The Georgia Straight reviews the best of Vancouver's services for brides and grooms, including yours truly's custom bridal perfumes and colognes for the grooms to be!

Visit Beauty Huile blog to read Nav's review of my Grin Body Oil: "...ostensibly minimalist in the bottle, but profoundly dazzling on the skin. Her experiments with melding florals with earthy anything seem to pour forth with the suggestion of some unworldly ebb & flow and energy". 

Perfume Shrine features Immortelle l'Amour in their article about immortelle, and Feminine Things recommended it for Valentine's Day. 

And last but not least - this week, 24HRS newspaper featured the star of our spring show - Hanami


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5. Made To Order: The Simplest Personalized Perfume Service Ever

If you think that giving perfume is too tricky - think twice: With our custom perfume service, you can treat yourself or someone you love to the perfume of their dreams!

Pamper someone you love with our custom perfume services, which were picked for Best of 2011 by LA Magazine!

To make things even simpler for you, we have developed a new service, called Made To Order: Tell us what your favourite notes are, and we will make you a one-of-a-kind perfume that is all your own! To begin creating your own perfume, simply send us your favourite notes and your thoughts on how you'd like your perfume to be (if you can fill our fragrance questionnaire - all the better!), and I will create it for you from my collection of 400 precious, pure natural essences from around the world.

Your special scent will be ready 4 weeks later for you to enjoy, bottled in our sleek 15ml EDP splash/spray bottles and with your own perfume name that you chosen on it! 

Warm regards,

Ayala Moriel Parfums

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