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Zohar is a luxurious and delightful orange blossom Soliflore, which captures the subtly intoxicating beauty of an orchard in full bloom. Zohar has the subtle sweetness and freshness of orange flowers along with a full bodied fruitiness of the few golden oranges that remained on the branches from the Winter. Zohar in Hebrew means enlightenment, brilliance or glamour. "May Zohar" (Zohar Water or "Glittering Water") are the common name for Orange Blossom Water in the Middle East, used in refreshing drinks and fancy confections

Famlies: Soliflore (Singular Note)

Notes: Amber, Bitter Orange, Broom (Genet) Honey Absolute , Jasmine Grandiflorum , Neroli (Tunisia) Orange Blossom Absolute, Orange Flower Water Absolute, Petitgrain Bigarade Tuberose Absolute, Yuzu,

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1 x Sample
1ml Eau de Parfum Sample


Zohar Anointing Body Oil
Zohar Anointing Body Oil with Orange Blossom & Amber, which contains avocado, tea seed and squalane oils.


Mini Eau de Parfum
Adorable mini Eau de Parfum splash bottle that looks like a gem and smells like heaven!


Parfum Oil Travel Roll-On
Perfect for travel, this compact 5ml roll-on bottle fits easily into any purse or pocket. Please note: Etrog, Film Noir, Roses et Chocolat and Sandal Ale are only available in alcohol base EDP. All other scents are in a base of organic jojoba oil.


Eau de Parfum
Eau de Parfum in a Splash/Spray Bottle


Language of Flowers Soliflore Coffret
8 minis from The Language of Flowers soliflore collection, perfect for spring and any occasion that calls for flowers!

$450.00 $337.50 (25% off)

Mini Wardrobe Trio
Set of 3 mini splash bottles in a gift box.

$144.00 $129.60 (10% off)

8 x Sample Package
Sample Package of 8 vials of 1ml eau de parfum each.

$136.00 $59.00

15 x Sample Package
Discovery set of 15 sample vials of 1ml eau de parfum each.

$255.00 $130.00
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