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Zohar Anointing Body Oil

Zohar Anointing Body Oil with Orange Blossom & Amber, which contains avocado, tea seed and squalane oils. Other notes include broom, tuberose and petitgrain. Reviving the ancient art of anointing the body with aromatic oils. These original formulas will leave your skin smoothly nourished and adorned with a beautiful perfume. Apply as a moisturizer after bathing to clean and damp skin, or use as a massage oil. A few drops can also be added to a bath for scent and to nourish the skin. The base oil for these anointing oils is slightly different from scent to scent, but they all contain Fractionated Coconut Oil for a non-greasy fast absorbing application. They also have nourishing Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil or Shea Oil, anti-oxidant Tea Seed Oil, and skin-cell-regenerating Squalane Oil (olive derived) and Vitamin E. The scents for the formulae were chosen for the skin-benefits that some of the essential oils in the original perfume contains.

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Orange Blossom Soliflore, capturing the expansive happiness it brings to the Meditteranean orchards in the springtime.

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